Travelling with four-legged friends

A paradise for your canine companion – right amid nature

Camping with dogs

Dogs love Camping Martina in Golling. Faithful four-legged friends are more than welcome on the campsite's grounds (except for the sanitary facilities) – so be sure to bring your furry companion. In addition to plenty of space to run around at the campsite, there are numerous opportunities to give your dog some exercise. Whether it's a long walk along the River Salzach, a walk around Lake Egelsee or a trip to Bluntautal nature reserve: Man's best friend is bound to feel right at home in Golling and its surrounding area.

Tip: At Bluntautal nature reserve, dogs will not only find a paradise for exercise but also lots of opportunities for a refreshing dip in the water. Not far from Bluntautal – about three kilometres – there is another breathtaking natural jewel to marvel at: Golling Waterfall. We recommend you visit both – you won't regret it, promise!

Do's and don'ts at the campsite

To ensure all campers get to relax and feel at home at Camping Martina, dogs must be kept on a leash at the campsite. We also kindly ask you to keep your dog on a leash at your pitch, so that guests passing by are not disturbed or frightened by your four-legged companion. Except for the sanitary facilities, dogs are allowed on the entire campsite and do not have to stay at your pitch by themselves. 

Out of respect: If you didn't take your dog on a walk in time and "a little accident" happened, we ask you to please pick up after your dog.

Do you have any questions about your four-legged friend's stay here, or would you like to get some more tips? Please don't hesitate to speak to our staff at reception or contact us before your arrival.


Dogs at the campsite: what you should keep in mind

  • Tip 1

    Find a cosy spot for your dog. At a campsite with new people around, lots of new smells and impressions, you should provide your dog with a place to relax. We recommend you put a blanket or dog bed in a sheltered, shady spot and put the dog's bowl there too. By the way: You can tie your four-legged companion to a dog stake with a ground anchor. That way, your dog will stay at the pitch.

  • Tip 2

    Put up a privacy screen for more peace and quiet. If your dog finds it difficult to rest and relax, a privacy screen might help.

  • Tip 3

    Time your walks. Plan your walks in advance, so your dog doesn't do his business at the campsite. We know accidents can happen – and if they do, please be sure to pick up after your dog right away!


  • Tip 4

    Please keep your dog on a leash. Yes, we know sometimes it's hard, but the rules are the rules, and it also protects you from getting into unpleasant situations.


Digital guest directory

Arrive and know your way around: In our digital guest directory, you will find information on our amenities, the WiFi password as well as tips for your stay at Camping Martina.

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