Experience & tradition in Golling

Family, tradition and lots of experience

Camping Martina – our story

Camping Martina was founded in the 1960s. Together with her husband Rupert, Martina Schönauer made it her life's work to open a family-run campsite in the heart of Golling. Today, the campsite is known far beyond the borders of the alpine village. Guests appreciate not only the family-like atmosphere and cordiality at Camping Martina but also the many years of experience and long-lived tradition. 

A family business full of tradition

Together with her husband Rupert, founder and namesake Martina laid the foundation for the successful family business more than 50 years ago. She is now enjoying her well-deserved retirement and celebrates her 94th birthday this year. Nevertheless, she is still a beloved fixture at the campsite. 

Family has always been very important to the Schönauers. Having six sons, Martina expertly mastered combining business and family life, creating a feel-good atmosphere with a strong focus on authentic cordiality and the community aspect of life at the campsite. 

Martina's son Hannes Schönauer inherited much of his mother's entrepreneurial spirit and started pursuing his passion for tourism and the hospitality industry early on in his youth. Together with his parents, Hannes turned Camping Martina into a popular camping hotspot. 

More than 20 years ago, Hannes moved to Chile. Together with his wife and two daughters, the native of Golling lives in this breathtaking country and, as a travel specialist for all of South America, is the first port of call for unforgettable holidays with the travel company Montañamar.

You can hardly wait to make a stopover at Camping Martina on your journey to the south of Europe? Hannes Schönauer along with his family and team are looking forward to your visit!

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