Over 50 years ago Martina Schönauer laid the foundations for a site that became Camping Martina. Together with her husband, Rupert, she has dedicated her life and has put her heart and soul into making the campsite a resounding success. The site now enjoys popularity far beyond the Austrian border. Guests value the many years of experience, the cultivation of traditions, the hospitality provided and the friendly family atmosphere. ‘Over the decades the campsite has become a regular stopover for guests travelling down to Southern Europe’, explains Hannes Schönauer, the new owner and manager.

Experience and tradition for a taste of home

Camping Martina was named and established by Martina Schönauer over 50 years ago. After starting up the campsite, Martina then opened a restaurant, which is how she met Rupert, her husband. Martina and Rupert built up the business in Golling from ‘square one’ and over the years have welcomed guests from all over Europe.

Martina and Rupert are both 84 years old. They have always been, and still are, the beating heart of Camping Martina, contributing lifelong experience and dedication. Martina is the proud mother of 6 sons, one of whom, Hannes, has a daughter that now bears the name. Hannes Schönauer, discovered his passion for catering and tourism at a very early age and actively helped his parents in Golling. 

What the future holds

Hannes Schönauer, is a certified restauranteur, hotel management expert and can offer a wealth of experience gained from the organisation of trips and journeys around South America. He is very familiar with the requirements of guests and has been in charge of the overall business since 2014. He began investing in the business from Chile years ago, financing the installation of facilities for Martina and Rupert, such as washing amenities, a photovoltaic power supply and basic electrical power provision.

New projects are being planned here in Golling to offer campers and cyclists a new sensation of wellbeing. Hannes Schönauer assigns the utmost importance to the quality of the services offered to camping guests and this train of thought is being carried through into the new concept for the Camping Martina campsite. In future, emphasis will be placed on learning from many years of experience and tradition by integrating the benefits into every aspect of the site.